Why Support BID-Milton?

The Marrs

Meet the Marrs

Marr photo croppedJeff and Debbie Marr are no strangers to giving and volunteering.  Lifelong Milton residents, they have given their time and talents to many important causes. So when the opportunity came to become more involved at their local community hospital, it was a natural fit.

The Marrs are longtime donors to the hospital.  Jeff recently joined the Board of Directors as the Philanthropy Chair, and for several years in a row, Jeff and Debbie have served as co-chairs for the hospital’s annual gala.  “A strong hospital is essential for the continuing vitality of our community,” stated Jeff. “The hospital is just as important to a community as its schools.  It’s a centerpiece. All contribute to the success of the community, and we have a responsibility to protect and promote the hospital’s well-being.”

The Marrs are grateful for the excellent care their family receives at BID-Milton. “As you get older, you become more invested in healthcare and what it means to you and your loved ones,” said Debbie. “The hospital staff is just so compassionate, especially to our elderly parents. I’ve been so impressed by the positive experiences we’ve had over the years and so appreciative of what a good hospital means to our community that I was extremely willing to getting involved and give back.”

“We give because it’s important to set a good example and lay the foundation for the next generation,” said Jeff. “I would tell anyone to get involved in giving to the hospital in any way. It gives you a great sense of satisfaction and fulfillment.  At some point in life, we all need healthcare services, and why not support an institution where you can have the greatest impact not only for yourself, but everyone in the community?”