Why Support BID-Milton?

Phil Murphy

“It Always Comes Back to You” Hospital Supporter Embraces a Life of Giving

“The first thing is to come to the realization that you want to give back,” says Phil Murphy, a lifelong Milton resident who gives back in many ways.

He’s held elected positions in Milton, is active in his profession, and while raising his family, he found time to coach soccer and baseball. BID-Milton is fortunate to be one of the causes Phil supports as a member of the hospital’s Board of Overseers.

 “I remember I was just out of college, and a friend called to ask me to join him in donating to our alma mater,” Phil recalls. “I told him I didn’t have two nickels to rub together, and he asked if I could spare anything. I cut a check for five dollars.”

Small though it was, it was his first step into a life of generosity. For Phil, the act of giving – giving anything – creates a feeling of belonging to something.  Phil believes the same principle applies to any part of life. “When you give, in one way or another it always comes back to you,” he said. 

Phil, like many, has seen community support help to reshape BID-Milton over the years, and has reaped the benefit of having great healthcare very nearby.  “BID-Milton is a great resource for the community and it just keeps getting better.”

“I believe in putting positive things into your life,” he says. “By giving to an institution like BID-Milton, you can be a part of something really positive.”