Why Support BID-Milton?

Carolyn Savage

Longtime Donor Carries on Family Tradition of Philanthropy

Carolyn Savage’s connection to Milton Hospital goes way back.  Her father, a longtime hospital supporter named John F. Sullivan, Jr., helped create a book fund that bears his name, to keep ensure providers have access to the latest research and advances.

“My father cared very deeply about things in the local community,” said Carolyn, who, like her father, has generously supported the hospital for decades.  “He’s passed that trait on to me.”

A longtime Milton resident, Carolyn first became active at the hospital in the mid-1970’s.  She supported and participated in events and fundraising.  She served on the hospital’s Board of Directors and Development Fund Board, is currently serving on the hospital’s Board of Overseers, and is a longtime community representative on the hospital’s Safety Committee. 

Today, Carolyn feels as committed as ever.  “I believe that the affiliation with Beth Israel Deaconess has allowed the hospital to maintain the same local feel while providing nationally recognized quality of care and patient safety.  “By supporting BID-Milton, I help build the best hospital we can in Milton.”