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Arthrogram is a type of x-ray that examines the condition of joints. A contrast material or “dye” is used to make the area easier to asses. An arthrogram allows your doctor to evaluate the joint space and the surrounding soft tissue structures which may not be seen on regular radiographs.

Preparing for your Exam: Before, During, After

  • No special preparation is required prior to the exam
  • During the exam, an aesthetic is injected to numb the skin over the joint.
  • Using the x-ray, a small needle is placed into the joint space. Joint Fluid may be extracted and sent for further testing if necessary.  The contrast or “dye” material is injected into the joint.  You will be asked to move your joint in various positions, to obtain different views with the x-ray machine.
  • Most patients will need to have further imaging done immediately afterwards in an MRI.  A patient safety questionnaire will need to be filled out prior to the arthrogram.
  • The arthrogram exam will take approximately 20-30 minutes.  MRI exam may take 40 minutes.
  • Results will be ready in 48 hours. Your doctor will explain the results to you.