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DPH Attestation & Phase 3 Information

MEDITECH Expanse eLearning Courses

MEDITECH Expanse eLearning Courses

Please use a desktop computer. Modules may not work properly on tablet computers (iPads, etc.)​. We are aware that some slides ask you to right-click your mouse, which may not be possible on a Mac. Holding down the Ctrl key first on your keyboard as you click (Ctrl + click) is equivalent to a right-click. We are implementing another fix soon.


Estimated #

of Minutes

Enterprise Medical Record (EMR) 30
Enterprise Medical Record (EMR) for Providers 30
Incident Reporting for Staff (Milton and Plymouth only) 15
Incident Reporting for Management (Milton and Plymouth only) 30
Patient Care System (PCS) 1: Status Board, Patient Lists, Clinical Data, Acknowledge Orders 40
Patient Care System (PCS) 2: Worklist, Document/Edit/Add Interventions, Notes 30
RN Order Management 10
RN Process Transfer (Inpatient) 5
RN Care Plan 15
Medication Administration Record (MAR) and Bedside Medication Verification (BMV) 45
IV Titration Medication Administration 15
Transfusion Administration Record (TAR) 15
RN Discharge (Inpatient) 15
Emergency Department Management (EDM) 1: Tracker, Reception, Triage 45
Emergency Department Management (EDM) 2: Nursing Documentation, Discharge 30
ED RN Order Management 10
Surgical Services Pre-Admission Testing 30
Surgical Services Pre-Operative/Holding 30
Surgical Services Intra-Operative 30
Surgical Services PACU/Discharge 30
ED Provider Tracker 15
ED Provider Order Management 15
ED Discharge for Providers (Milton and Needham) 15
ED Discharge for Providers (Plymouth) 15
Hospitalist/Inpatient Provider Desktop (Physician Care Manager) 15
Provider Documentation (pDoc) 15
Hospitalist/Inpatient Provider Order Management 20
Hospitalist/Inpatient Provider Manage Transfer 10
Hospitalist/Inpatient Provider Discharge 15
Surgeon Documentation (pDoc) 15
Surgeon Order Management 20
Surgeon Manage Transfer 10
Surgeon Discharge 15