For Patients & Visitors

Visiting a Patient

Emotional support and encouragement from loved ones plays an important role in the healing process. BID-Milton welcomes family and friends to be present with a patient when appropriate during the course of a patient's hospital stay.

Each patient has the right to determine who may or may not visit, and hospital staff respects and supports each patient's decision.  At times, the hospital may restrict visitors for medical or therapeutic reasons.  While the hospital offers 24/7 visiting hours whenever possible, the patient's comfort is our first priority. Arrangements for overnight visitation should be made in advance with the nursing team.

For the comfort and privacy of our patients, it is requested when possible that no more than two individuals visit the bedside at one time. Additional visitors are welcomed to take advantage of our comfortable waiting areas, located on the nursing unit or in the hospital lobby.

Visitors are asked to be mindful of other patients and minimize noise and other activity that may be distracting or upsetting to patients.

Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult.