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Telehealth Services

Telehealth Services

Many of the hospital’s physicians and the Center for Specialty Care are now offering telehealth visits for initial appointments and ongoing evaluations. Telehealth allows you to use your computer or smart phone for two-way video conferencing using an app like Zoom or StarLeaf. This enables you to continue your care uninterrupted.

Please call your physician’s office to see if they offer telehealth appointments and if you are appropriate.

You should also check with your health insurer to see if they cover telehealth services.

Center for Specialty Care Providers Offering Telehealth:


Peter Zimetbaum, MD

Gretchen Boucher, NP

Colon & Rectal Surgery Thomas Cataldo, MD 617-667-4159
Gastroenterology Andrew Ukleja, MD 617-313-1468
General & Bariatric Surgery

Souheil Adra, MD

Morgan Bresnick, MD

Rahul Gupta, MD



Hand & Wrist Surgery

Arriyan Dowlatshahi, MD

Lindsey Netto, NP

Infectious Diseases Babar Memon, MD 617-313-1445
Interventional Pulmonology Mihir Parikh, MD  617-632-8252
Nephrology Samer Nasser, MD 617-313-1445
Neurology Peter Yan, MD 617-313-1445
Pain Medicine

Cyrus Yazdi, MD

Lindsy Gusiora, NP

Podiatry Kevin Riemer, DPM 617-632-8428

Heidi O'Connor, MD

Janelle Baptiste, MD

Rheumatology Ingrid Avalos, MD  617-632-8658
Spine Surgery

Efstathios Papavassiliou, MD

Andrew White, MD

Julia Kurker, NP

Barbara Drottar, NP

Sports Medicine

Kevin Samaha, PA

Thoracic Surgery Richard Whyte, MD 617-632-8252
Vascular Surgery Giovanni Ferrante, MD 617-313-1450