Events & Education

October Events

Hampered by a Hernia?

About 5 million people in the United States develop hernias every year. However, only 14% of those affected seek treatment. Leaving a hernia untreated can lead to more pain or complications. Join surgeons Rahul Gupta, MD, Souheil Adra, MD, and Morgan Bresnick, MD, for a discussion on the different types of hernias, causes and minimally invasive treatment options, including robotic surgery repair.

  • DATE: Monday, October 28
  • TIME: 6:30 PM
  • PLACE: Nangeroni Education Center at BID-Milton
  • COST: FREE, pre-registration required, call 617-696-8810

AARP Driver Safety Program

Sponsored by the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) and hosted at BID-Milton, this program is a comprehensive "refresher" driving
course developed for drivers aged 50 and over.

  • DATE: Tuesday, October 29
  • TIME: 9:30 - 3, with a break for lunch
  • PLACE: Conference Room A at BID-Milton
  • COST: $20 per person or $15 for AARP members. MUST have AARP card with you to receive discount. Pre-registration required, call 617-696-8810

Mental Health First Aid Training

Just as CPR helps you assist an individual having a heart attack - even if you have no clinical training - Mental Health First Aid helps you assist someone experiencing a mental health-related crisis. In the Mental Health First Aid course, you learn risk factors and warning signs for mental health and addiction concerns, strategies for how to help someone in both crisis and non-crisis situations, and where to turn for help. Mental Health First Aid teaches about recovery and resiliency – the belief that individuals experiencing these challenges can and do get better, and use their strengths to stay well. Taught by clinicians from Aspire Health Alliance. Classes occurs over three weeks, for a total of eight hours.

  • DATE: Tuesdays, October 29, November 5, November 12
  • TIME: 6-8:30 pm 
  • PLACE: Nangeroni Center at BID-Milton
  • COST: FREE, Pre-registration required, call 617-696-8810

Is Your Joint Pain Slowing You Down?

Hip and knee pain as we age can seriously limit our physical activity. If pain is preventing you from keeping fit and active, it may be time to consider joint replacement surgery. Join orthopedic surgeon Michael Berry, MD, for a discussion of joint pain, its treatments, and clinical and surgical advancements that can get you back on your feet faster than ever.

  • DATE: Wednesday, October 30
  • TIME: 6:30 pm 
  • PLACE: Nangeroni Center at BID-Milton
  • COST: FREE, Pre-registration required, call 617-696-8810

November Events

Safe Sitter

Safe Sitter is a one-day course for young people ages 11-13, before they begin actively baby sitting. Safe Sitter uses discussion, practice and role-playing to teach participants more about how to handle emergencies, safety precautions, care for an infant or child and when to call for emergency help.

  • DATE: Saturday, November 2
  • TIME: 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. 
  • PLACE: Nangeroni Center at BID-Milton
  • COST:$50, Pre-registration required, call 617-696-8810

Could You Have Ulcerative Colitis?

Do you suffer from ongoing abdominal pain, cramping, or diarrhea? You could have a chronic inflammation of your bowels, known as ulcerative colitis. Gastroenterologist George Barrett, MD, will discuss the symptoms, causes and treatment options available to those suffering from colitis and ulcerative colitis.

  • DATE: Wednesday, November 6
  • TIME: 6:30 p.m.
  • PLACE: Nangeroni Center at BID-Milton
  • COST:FREE, Pre-registration required, call 617-696-8810

Grocery Shop with a Dietitian

Do you want to eat healthier? Come and learn how to shop healthier! A registered dietitian will guide you through the Fruit Center Marketplace and teach you how to shop and select healthy options for your diet. Learn how to read and understand nutrition labels, make healthier food choices and ask questions. All participants will receive a $20 gift card to the Fruit Center, reusable shopping bag and healthy recipes.

  • DATE: Thursday, November 7
  • TIME: 9 a.m.
  • PLACE: Fruit Center Marketplace, 10 Basset Street, Milton
  • COST:FREE, Pre-registration and confirmation Number required. Space is extremely limited! Call 617-696-8810 to register.

January Events

Free Introduction to Tai Chi

Tai Chi is part of traditional Chinese medicine and practiced by millions in China as its national health exercise. Tai Chi is a mind-body exercise consisting of rhythmic patterns of movement that are coordinated with breathing to help you achieve a sense of inner calm. The concentration required for Tai Chi can help one to relax mentally and physically because it asks you to live in the present moment, thereby putting aside distressing thoughts. The goal is to enhance and balance the natural flow of energy (chi) throughout the whole body by learning how to relax your body and feel your energy. When you can feel your energy and move it, this promotes good health. Ron Marcotte, Wu Style Tai Chi Certified Instructor, will conduct this demonstration with active participation by attendees. This class is free and open to all.

  • DATE: Tuesday, January 7
  • TIME: 7-8 PM
  • PLACE: Nangeroni Education Center
  • COST:FREE, Pre-registration required. Call 617-696-8810 to register.

Tai Chi for Health

Tai Chi is a gentle, flowing progression of intentional, connected movements practiced as a form. In this course you will learn the first eight movements of the Wu Style short form of Tai Chi. Emphasis will be on the fundamental principles of Tai Chi, including relaxed and mindful movement, proper structural alignment, and breath awareness. Tai Chi is suitable for people of all ages and in all stages of fitness. Recent medical research indicates that Tai Chi can improve many aspects of health, including: balance, musculoskeletal strength and flexibility, cardio-respiratory function, cognitive function, immune function, and emotional well-being. Ron Marcotte is a certified instructor in Wu Style Tai Chi and has more than 35 years experience teaching Tai Chi and chi gong (qigong).

  • DATE: Tuesdays, January 14 - March 17
  • TIME: 7-8 PM
  • PLACE: Nangeroni Education Center
  • COST:$120 for 10-week session payable to Ron Marcotte on the night of the first class.  Pre-registration required. Call 617-696-8810 to register.

BID-Milton reserves the right to cancel or reschedule any of our Community Education programs. The Public Relations office will attempt to notify pre-registered participants of any rescheduled or canceled program.