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Apply For a Multi Year - Community Health Grant

Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital-Milton is pleased to offer a unique funding opportunity to qualifying non-profit organizations within its service area. Up to three (3) multi-year community health grants will be awarded and will consist of a three-year award period, with each recipient being granted $5,000 each year for a total of $15,000.


In 2016, BID-Milton conducted a Community Health Needs Assessment which identified the hospital’s core community health priority areas. Through this process, clear gaps were identified between health resources and community needs. After careful review of the quantitative and qualitative data, it was determined that BID-Milton could make the most impact funding multi-year, sustainable programs that would bridge these gaps.

The new multi-year community health grants are designed to fund programs that address one of the following priority areas:

  • Chronic Disease Management and Prevention – Examples of programs that would be considered include increasing number of adults screened for high blood pressure, blood sugar or other conditions related to chronic diseases, increasing number of adults screened for cancer, reducing impact of chronic diseases, implementing new chronic disease prevention programs, providing timely access to treatment and/or seamless coordination of follow-up services.
  • Reduce Tobacco Use in Adults – Examples of programs that would be considered include reducing number of current tobacco users, implementing tobacco use prevention programs, offering tobacco use cessation support services.
  • Increase Physical Activity in Youth and Adults – Examples of programs that would be considered include increasing number of children and adults with access to opportunities for physical activity.   

Applicants may also submit programs that are not cited specifically as examples above as long as they address one of the three priority areas (Chronic Disease Management and Prevention, Reduce Tobacco Use in Adults and Increase Physical Activity in Youth and Adults).

In addition, programs should target vulnerable populations. “Vulnerable” may be defined as low-income, high-risk for a particular health indicator, racially or ethnically marginalized, or experiencing barriers to services due to language or other significant socio-economic factor.

Applicants should also have a sustainability plan to continue the work of the initiative beyond the three-year grant funding period.

Applicants are encouraged to seek out opportunities to collaborate with community partners in the development and implementation of their proposed program and to cite this collaboration in their grant proposal.

Grant-funded programs must start by September 9, 2019.

Grant applicants must meet one of the priority areas stated above and service one of more of the communities of Milton, Quincy, Randolph, Dorchester, Hyde Park, Canton and Braintree and are due Friday, May 17, 2019.

Read a complete list of qualifications and Download an Application

For more information call Robert McCrystal, director of communications, at 617-313-1590 or email