For the second year in a row, Milton Primary Care was awarded the number one Top Overall Performer in the Re-admission Prevention Award Program by Tufts Health Plan for their Tufts Medicare Preferred work. They achieved a 7.7% re-admission rate for 2014.

Each year, Tufts Health Plan awards the top three physician groups in overall performance, and year-over-year performance improvement.

The members of Milton Primary Care who were recognized for this achievement are:

  • John Barravecchio, MD
  • Nasir Bhatti, MD
  • William Cobb, MD
  • Steven Carr, MD
  • Daniel Driscoll, MD
  • Ali Emami, MD
  • Louis Maggio, MD
  • James Mahoney, MD
  • Shaheen Mian, MD
  • Yueling Moran, MD
  • Saras Muppana, MD
  • Nasser Nabi, MD
  • Erin Ney, MD
  • Marta Onyskiv, MD
  • Mark Singh, MD
  • Debra Zona, RN, Case Manager
  • Donna Cullinan, NP
  • Beth Stevens, Administrator