Sports Medicine

"No Athlete Left Behind"

Orthopedic physician Dr. George McManama’s “No Athlete Left Behind” program treats acquired musculoskeletal problems and addresses injuries associated with rapid growth and lack of flexibility.

“The program addresses the underlying anatomical reasons that may be causing children to shy away from sports,” Dr. McManama said. “In addition, we want to continue to evaluate higher-level athletes in order to provide exercise prescriptions that hopefully enhance their performance.”

This program includes orthopedic assessment, physical and occupational therapy to provide education and establish a home exercise program, and orthotics, or bracing, as needed.  Periodic follow-up with a physical therapist monitors the child’s physical status during the growth years.

In addition, Dr. McManama collaborates with a child’s pediatrician to address parents’ concerns about a child’s ability to walk, jump or run. “Our goal is to improve children’s self-esteem and give them better tools with which to become physically-active,” Dr. McManama said.